Welcome to the home page of UCI CORE Accounts. We provide Internet services (web hosting, UCI-Gmail, mailing lists, and more) to all registered campus organizations with no additional fees.

General Campus Org Questions?

For non-technology clubs and organizations information (changing authorized signers, campus org events, reserving space), please go to http://www.campusorgs.uci.edu, email campusorgs@uci.edu, call (949) 824-5181, or visit the SLL office.

News & Updates

CORE Account Registration Now Open for 2014-2015 
Thursday, August 14, 2014

All registered campus organizations that currently have a CORE Account will need to re-register their CORE Account for the upcoming academic year. Remember, this is an entirely separate process from re-registering as an RCO through the Department of Campus Organizations under Student Life & Leadership. The link to apply/renew for a CORE Account is here.

We will deactivate and archive CORE Accounts belonging to any organization that fails to register as a campus organization AND renew its CORE Account after November 30, 2014.

New Registration Year: 2014-2015 
Monday, June 9, 2014

You will need to re-register your campus organization before applying for or renewing your CORE Account. Remember, registration and renewal are separate processes and should be completed sequentially. 

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