Alpha Phi Omega | Rho Rho

The Rho Rho chapter of Alpha Phi Omega originally started in 1967. Although it provided four years of service, the chapter went inactive in 1971. In the fall of 2000 a successful re-charting process began. Re-chartering was finally completed on April 5, 2002.

Coincidentally, it was the effort of two individuals, unaware of the mutual desire to start Alpha Phi Omega at UCI, which initiated this effort. A brother from Iota Phi, recently relocated to the Irvine area, wanted to continue his ties with Alpha Phi Omega. Anita Hu, learning about Alpha Phi Omega from friends at Iota Phi, also felt the need to start such an organization at UCI. Through the coordination of Sectional and Regional staff, both these efforts were combined, and the process to re-charter Rho Rho began.

The initial group consisted primarily of friends and roommates. Anita, as well as two other members, Julie Ear and Kelly Lei, attended the Fall Fellowship event in San Diego, making it known throughout Sections 1 and 2 that Irvine was on its way. Taking the spirit of Leadership, Friendship, and Service that had been shared with them at the conference, they began to sign on more individuals with the mutual desire to start Alpha Phi Omega. Through recruitment of friends as well as flyers throughout campus, this initial handful of people quickly grew into an efficient service organization. Building ties with the UCI Volunteer Center, the re-chartering group quickly became a reliable institution that the campus could count on to support events on campus. In fact, the Volunteer Center was instrumental in sponsoring many of the members to attend the Regional Conference in San Diego, where the group achieved petitioning group status in the presence of National President Jack McKenzie.

Throughout this process, the group participated in numerous service projects. These included baking cookies at the Ronald McDonald House in Orange County, participating in after school reading programs for disadvantaged children, working with the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, and taking part in on-campus food and clothing drives, etc.

The fellowships allowed the entire group to get to know each other. Both official and unofficial fellowship events were held each week. These events included going out to dinner as a group, participating in inter-chapter fellowships, playing basketball after meetings, etc.

In the beginning, we began with a strong group composed of thirteen individuals. The initial thirteen members in this petitioning group are as follows:

Kate ChuClint Maruki
Julie EarSellan Seo
Anita HuNancy Tao
Kenta JokiAngela Tzyy
Leah KuanJenny Visapattana
Lisa KwanEmily Yao
Kelly Lei

In our growth process we recruited a number of individuals. The following members helped finalize our re-chartering group:

Denise ChinAl Rabanera
Anh T. DinhSandra Tungteakkhun
Annie LamLinda Wong
Theresa Thuy-vi LeStanley Wong
Sylvia Ly

Throughout this process, the group had run as a chapter. Developing leadership skills through their officers, the group established strong relationships with the campus and successfully planned events. Officers learned organizational skills as well as cooperation with other officers and members. By working together, many members developed friendship ties that extended beyond the group's meetings. Members began calling each other for shopping and dinner, outside of typical Alpha Phi Omega events. Lastly, it was the service that tied all the members together. It was this desire to help others that united all the members. It was through these service projects that members learned more about each other and how important their role was in helping the community.