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Alpha Nu Term, Fall 2019 Rush Week begins September 30th!

If you are interested in pledging Alpha Phi Omega, Rho Rho chapter, please check out our rush events:

Alpha Nu Fall 2019 Rush Events!

** You must attend at least ONE Rush Event listed below to pledge. Attending Info Night is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!. **

Crafts Service Day
Monday, September 30th -- Flagpoles @ 4:00PM
Come join and make crafts with us! We will be making origami cranes for cancer patients and cards for El Paso students in light of the recent tragedy.

Taco Tuesday
Tuesday, October 1st -- Flagpoles @ 4:00PM
Join us for FREE TACOS, ice breakers, and brotherly love!

Professional Night
Wednesday, October 2nd -- Flagpoles @ 7:00PM
Join us for a professional night! Talk to a panel of APO Alumni and make connections in your desired field! Please wear business casual attire.

Info Night
Thursday, October 3rd -- Flagpoles @ 4:00PM
Come find out what Alpha Phi Omega is all about! Remember, Info Night is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for all rushees interested in pledging.

Beach Bonfire
Friday, October 4th -- Flagpoles @ 4:00PM
Join us for a trip to the beach where we'll be playing games and getting to know one another!

Beach Cleanup
Saturday, October 5th -- Flagpoles @ 10:00AM
Spend your Saturday morning cleaning up the beach! Help us make the beach a cleaner and safer place for everyone!

Park Day
Sunday, October 6th -- Flagpoles @ 10:00AM
Soak up some fun in the sun at the park with the brothers of Alpha Phi Omega! We'll be playing some outdoor games to get the blood pumpin', so dress comfortably! LUNCH PROVIDED!

If you want more information, find our Info Booth on Ring Road during Week 0 & 1
Beside Aldrich Hall (Monday - Friday)!

Questions? Contact the Pledge Parents!

Sabrina Liang
Josh Taloza

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Alpha Phi Omega?

Alpha Phi Omega is a co-ed National Service Fraternity, originally founded by Frank Reed Horton at Lafayette College in 1925. Inspired by the Boy Scouts of America, Horton felt there should be a collegiate organization that would strengthen people in the ideals of personal growth, tolerance, clean living, active leadership and support of the community. Alpha Phi Omega was born in this spirit and built upon the principles of Leadership, Friendship, and Service. Today at UC Irvine, the Rho Rho chapter of Alpha Phi Omega carries on this tradition, building friends and leaders within the UCI student body as well as around the nation and completing over 1500 hours of community service per term.

When can I get information regarding how to join the APO Rho Rho Chapter?

Information can be obtained through our Alpha Phi Omega Table that will be stationed in Aldrich Park at UCI�s Anteater Involvement Fair during Welcome Week. We will also have an Alpha Phi Omega Table on Ring Road during the rest of Welcome Week and the following week. There will be members of our Fraternity there who will gladly help in answering any questions you may have regarding joining or about Alpha Phi Omega in general.

The week following Welcome Week will be the beginning of our Chapter�s Rush Events. These events are held in order to allow people to learn and experience who we are, what we do, and what we represent. The Rho Rho chapter hosts events such as Info Night to learn more details regarding the pledging process, as well as Services and Fellowships that give you the chance to meet the members of Rho Rho personally and see if our organization is something that you would like to be a part of.

You do not necessarily have to go to all �rush� events to join. You must attend at least one, however. Info Night is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for any potential members. There are no obligations to go through our pledge process if you decide to rush. Alpha Phi Omega�s rush events are free and open for any UCI student interested in joining.

Who can join Alpha Phi Omega?

Alpha Phi Omega accepts people of different majors, genders (co-ed), interests, ages, ethnicities, leadership levels, years, community service background, etc. A person, however, has to be enrolled at UCI as an undergraduate to join our chapter.

What makes Alpha Phi Omega different from a club?

Alpha Phi Omega is a co-ed National Service Fraternity. It is different from a club as you will grow to understand and follow the three cardinal principles: Leadership, Friendship, and Service. Our Fraternity works to develop members to grow into leaders with many opportunities and positions that will enrich their experience, as well as foster Brotherhood amongst its members which will forge life-lasting friendships. It is not merely an organization, it is a family. This bond reaches beyond just our chapter as we have close relations with other collegiate campuses in the Nation. Also, Service is one of the main principles we strive to achieve in Alpha Phi Omega. Helping out on campus and in the community, we assist people and organizations where Alpha Phi Omega can lend a hand. Leadership, Friendship, and Service are principles that we have committed ourselves to and look for Brothers who can do the same.

How do I become a member?

As each semester begins, Alpha Phi Omega gets ready to initiate a new pledge class. We have a Rush Week every semester which includes an informational meeting providing details about our process and week worth of events to meet the members of the Rho Rho Chapter. Then, there is a pledge process where pledges learn about the history of APO and the standards that are expected of members. Pledges participate in various service projects and must fulfill pledge requirements.

Is Alpha Phi Omega for everyone?

We would love APO to be, but that is something that each individual must decide themselves. As people have academics, jobs, and other extracurricular activities to attend to, it may not be for everyone. The pledging process is rather time-consuming and it may prove difficult to balance the many responsibilities and activities in your schedule. There is no obligation to join if one feels that it is not the right time or the right organization for them.

What does it mean to be an Alpha Phi Omega "pledge"?

The pledging process is about a quarter long which is intended to build campus and community leaders through service. Each pledge will be involved in various services & activities, learning our chapter�s values, meeting our brothers, and developing leadership skills.

Hazing is against the Alpha Phi Omega and University policy. �Hazing� refers to any act that causes or is likely to cause bodily danger, physical harm, or personal degradation or disgrace resulting in physical or mental harm. We do not tolerate or allow such actions.

Am I allowed to be in both Alpha Phi Omega and a social fraternity or sorority?

Involvement in another Greek fraternity or sorority does not conflict with potential membership Alpha Phi Omega. Members of social fraternities and sororities are welcome as well as anyone else to seek membership into our organization. However, one should not pledge the same time of joining another fraternity or sorority.