Frontiers in Photonics: Mr. James Fisher

Happy International Year of Light everyone!!

Join us in our first seminar lecture of the year with Mr. James Fisher, Vice President of Newport’s Optical Components and Vibration Control Business.

When: Wednesday February 4, 2015, 12 pm

Where: Room 2201 Natural Sciences 2, UCI

Mr. Fisher will help us ask The Right Questions – A reflection on careers, goals and finding the right path for yourself. This presentation looks at a common thread that I have found impacts many different career paths and in fact can be helpful to determine what the best path for you may be. It’s all about asking the right questions to the right people!

James Fisher is currently the Vice President of Newport’s Optical Components and Vibration Control Business with headquarters in Irvine, California. Prior to his current role James led various technical, sales and marketing groups within Newport and helped launch a number of new product platforms and patented products including the actively damped SmartTable, Vision IsoStation workstation, OpticsCage+ and Newport’s  M family of mirror mounts.  In addition to his 15 years in the photonics industry he also served as the Marketing Director at Endevco, a manufacturer of sensing products for extreme environments. In the late 90’s, James joined MacLean-Fogg as a Product Development Engineer. He served as a key member of a corporate engineering team chartered to develop next generation products, systems and materials for automotive and energy distribution markets. He was also nominated for the Henry Ford Design Award for a new stabilizer bar link design for Ford Mondeo in Europe. James earned a Bachelor’s degree in engineering from the University of Illinois Urbana and his MBA from the University of Southern California.