Art in Science Guidelines

Open to all UC Irvine students, postdoctoral researchers and faculty in all disciplines to present their work in an elegant form of art.

Submission Guidelines

The artwork should be an original creation of a science or engineering related subject, and should fall under one of the following categories and fulfill all the requirements listed below.

Submission Categories


Photographs/Pictures-Film or digital photographs and photomicrographs, as well as images obtained from electron microscopes, STMs, AFMs, telescopes, images created by sensors, or anything similar.


Illustration/Drawings-Traditional or computer-assisted illustrations and drawings produced to conceptualize the unseen, or recreate an object, process or phenomenon (technique). Illustrations and drawings rely primarily on the created image to convey meaning.


Information/Explanatory Graphics-Computer-assisted illustrations or graphics produced to instruct/interpret highly technical information into art that teaches. An informational graphic is more explanatory by nature and relies heavily on data and often text to convey a message. An informational graphic may incorporate a photographic image or an illustration into the overall presentation in order to convey the intended message. Typically incorporates text as an integral part of the illustration or graphic.


Three Dimensional – Instrumentation, lab sculptures, etc.

Other ideas? Feel free to be creative, just make sure it’s feasible and be clear what you would like to do when you submit an abstract.

Submission Instructions

– Submit your entries via email. Send your work to photonics[at]uci[dot]edu with the subject “Art in Science 2016 submission.” Include your full name, email, art in .jpf format, and a brief description of your inspiration.

– You can also submit your art by including #AiS2016 in an Instagram post.

– Art is in form of an image, illustration, or graphic, should be attached electronic to your submission form. Accepted formats: JPG. Additionally, you may submit an audio and/or video file describing the piece of art.

– A submission form must include an abstract/summary concerning the artwork (no more than 1500 characters), along with an indication of the form (image, illustration, graphic, 3D, or other).

Printable Art

Up to two entries will be professionally printed free of charge (8.5″ x 11″). Contestants may enter additional printable art at their own cost. If a contestant wishes to enter at their own cost the hard copies in the form of a poster no larger than 18″ x 30″ should be presented during the actual event, but an abstract/summary must have been submitted along with information concerning the art work.

Three – Dimensional Art

Entries should fit within a 2′ x 2′ space. If more space is required please contact

Eligible Entries

– Relevance to science and/or engineering.

– Produced/commissioned by the University of California Irvine undergraduate student / graduate student / postdoc / faculty member who submitted it.

– Submitted by e-mail.

– In English.

– Meet all preceding guidelines.

Ineligible Entries

– Submissions from persons outside of UC Irvine.

– Submissions by faculty on the judging panel.


The entries will be judged by a faculty panel. Winners will be announced the date of the event.

The Photonics@UCI, OSA and SPIE student chapter, reserves the right to use entries for future promotional endeavors/advertising.


– Each participant is given his/her printed 8.5″ x 11″ artwork to take home at the end of the event.

– Winning entires will receive a UCI/OSA-SPIE Recognition Award and prize.

– Wining artwork will be featured along the 1st floor hallway of Natural Sciences II outside of the physical sciences conference room.