What is Wushu?

Wushu (武术), as practiced at UCI, is a non-contact, chinese martial arts, emphasizing on coordination and performance. Wushu, meaning "martial arts", represents a collection of all chinese martial arts, but often, the term is used to refer to the the more-modern styles of it's traditional counterpart, Kung Fu.

At it's core, Wushu atheletes focus on improving their physical health and performance. But on a higher level, UC Wushu atheletes build a sense of community and sportsmanship across most of the University of California Campuses.

Noteable wushu athletes, such as Jet Li, have starred in various martial arts movies across the world. The style of wushu has also been used as the basis for the martial arts used in popular movies/series such as Kung Fu Panda, Ip Man, and Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Practice Times

Practices welcome all wushu athletes, new and old, and are held three times a week at UCI's ARC facility:

Monday: 7:45 PM - 9:50 PM in The Physical Forum

Wednesday: 7:45 PM - 9:50 PM in The Sports Studio

Saturday: 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM in The Sports Studio

If you are interested in trying Wushu at UCI, stop by at any one of the practices. Your first class is absolutely free-to-try, and all you need is something comfortable to work out in, and a friendly attitude.

Meet the Officers

Varun Singh


I'm a third year CSE and BIO SCI double major and have done Wushu for 9 years. I'm a little eccentric... okay a lot eccentric. But I like to meet new people and try new things... too bad I've probably tried most things you can think of. Still as "The Captain" says, "Adventure awaits", so come say hi. :)

Talk to me about: The Future of the Club, Board Happenings, General Oversight

Simon Lee

External Vice President

I'm a third year CSE and Business Econ doubke major or well technically CSE is two majors in one, so technically I am a triple major. Anyways besides the point, for some reason since my second year I've developed a strange addiction to tacos so hit me up for them late night taco runs though. I'm also a noodle and hungry so please give me my egg to cover my noodle.

Talk to me about: Socials, Outreach, External Stuff

Jasmine Wong

Internal Vice President

I'm a 2nd year majoring in Business Economics with a minor in Management and have done a mixture of Tradition Kung Fu and Wushu for about 9 years. I'm often seen as shy and serious, though I can get pretty goofy at times. You might just catch me dancing all wiggly or serenading others oh so deeply. My vitality is fueled by the delicious boba and soothing tea, as well as my never-ending love for food and my noodle.

Talk to me about: Fundraisers, Using Club Money, Internal Stuff

Lucas Verde


I've been doing Wushu for just one year. I am a Computer Science major, and I love to travel and see new sights. I also like to cook and bake!

Talk to me about: Buying equipment, Paying dues

Simon Nguyen


I'm currently a Math and Economics double major and have done Wushu for only 1 year. I used to live at an all boy's Catholic boarding school in the mountains with monks. I consider myself an introvert, but everyone considers myself an extrovert, so I'm very confused on my social skills. Nevertheless, I'd love to meet you, so hmu anytime for boba and a conversation!

Talk to me about: Paperwork, General Information

Club Constitution

The Wushu Club at UCI takes our club and its members very seriously. As such, all of our officers strictly adhere to our club constitution, for the well-being of both our members and our club.

You can find the club constitution here.