Jean-luc Communication Workshop

This past May 2nd, Jean-luc Doumont gave an excellent workshop on his “three laws of communication”:

(1) Adapt to your Audience

(2) Maximize Signal-to-Noise

(3) Use Effective Redundancy

He gave numerous examples of how to apply each of these laws and demonstrated how they can be used to improve effectiveness of a oral presentation or scientific writing. He has numerous resources available for those interested in improving their communication skills.

You can download handouts for his various sessions from

His book, ‘Trees, maps, and theorems’, is an excellent guide to improving all aspects of communication

Workshop on Effective Communication

SPIE Traveling Lecturer: The Science of Invisibility

On Friday, January 27th, we were pleased to host Professor Greg Gbur from the University of North Carolina, Charlotte (UNCC) Department of Physics and Optics for our yearly SPIE Traveling lecturer series.

This year’s talk had everyone intrigued from the beginning. With the clever title “How not to be seen: the science of invisibility,” Professor Gbur talked us through the crazy science fiction and the even crazier science of cloaking technology, invisibility, and metamaterials. We laughed, we cried, we asked “WTF.” Slide after slide, we were emerged in the science and fun speculation with what one can do with the increasingly plausible notion of invisibility. Protect from earthquakes? Make a hole in a wall? Turn a spoon into a coffee cup???

Apparently, this is what theorists do 🙂

Also, Greg is a fantastic, interesting speaker, and we were so glad to host him. Professor Gbur also writes two web blogs on creepy stuff in science called the Science Chamber of Horrors, and a fun exploration of physics, optics, and pulp fuction: Skulls in the Stars

Thanks for joining us on this blustery day, Greg! We hope you come visit us soon!