Jean-luc Communication Workshop

This past May 2nd, Jean-luc Doumont gave an excellent workshop on his “three laws of communication”:

(1) Adapt to your Audience

(2) Maximize Signal-to-Noise

(3) Use Effective Redundancy

He gave numerous examples of how to apply each of these laws and demonstrated how they can be used to improve effectiveness of a oral presentation or scientific writing. He has numerous resources available for those interested in improving their communication skills.

You can download handouts for his various sessions from

His book, ‘Trees, maps, and theorems’, is an excellent guide to improving all aspects of communication

Workshop on Effective Communication

Frontiers in Optics seminar series: Semiconducting nanocrystals for energy-saving quality displays and lighting

Dr. Xiao Wei Sun visited UC Irvine on December 22nd, 2016 and gave a very informative seminar on the current state of quantum dot and perovskite crystal display and lighting technologies. Dr. Sun started the seminar by first introducing us to his very new university, Southern University of Science and Technology, and to the rapidly growing city in which it is located, Shenzhen, China. Dr. Sun went on to describe in-detail the various applications, advantages, and obstacles faced in the development of quantum dot and perovskite-based LEDs.

Thursday Dec, 22, 2016
Natural Sciences 2, 1201 (first floor seminar room),
1 pm – 2:30 pm
Title: Semiconducting nanocrystals for energy-saving quality displays and lighting
Speaker: Xiao Wei Sun
Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, College of Engineering
Southern University of Science and Technology, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

We present highly efficient CdSe-based core-shell quantum dots and perovskite nanocrystals for energy-saving quality display and lighting applications. We applied these luminescent materials to make various devices including luminescent microspheres for on-chip InGaN LED packaging (photoluminescent applications), and making use of these materials as the emissive layer in solution processed quantum dot LED and perovskite LED (electroluminescent applications). In the photoluminescent applications, we were able to achieve high stable quantum dot composites called luminescent microspheres, which were tested for on-chip InGaN LED packaging. The output of the packaged LED was stable for more than 4000 hours under continuous operation, demonstrating a robust method of applying quantum dot for on-chip LED packaging. In the electroluminescent applications, we demonstrated a mixed-cation perovskite based perovskite-LED. With optimized composition, the LEDs exhibited encouraging performance with the highest reported luminance of 55000 cd m-2 and a current efficiency of 10.09 cd A-1. It is anticipated that luminescent semiconducting nanocrystals will shake or even revolute the display and lighting industry; a new era of nanocrystals is coming.Frontiers in Optics seminar.