Light Symposium: Light in Industry

For the Light in Industry segment of the symposium, we had two speakers from nearby companies. Horiba Scientific and Newport Corp. are two big names in the light industry and their products find application in a plethora of light technologies. Dr. Eunah Lee, Applications Scientist at Horiba Scientific was our first speaker. In the first part of the talk, she spoke about the career paths and directions open for a student in the fields of optics and photonics and how one can make their career choices. She shared her own experiences with an engaged audience. Being an expert in Raman spectroscopy, the second part of her talk comprised of various application of Raman spectroscopy, including biology and drug industry. Her presentation educated us about the capabilities of Raman spectroscopy to answer various scientific questions.


Our second speaker was Mr. James Fisher who is the Vice President of Newport Corporation. He gave an inspirational talk on how light is being used every day to derive innovation. The talk focused on Newport’s mission statement “To develop & deliver photonics technology and products that extend the frontiers of science and improve our world”. He spoke to us about the products developed at Newport Corp., which supports a myriad of light based technologies, with every day utility. Through various examples and videos, Mr. Fisher showed us the application of light to ‘make’, ‘manage’ and ‘measure’.